Talisker 10 review – Screw Islay for a moment


Under $80, this is a whisky from the Isle of Skye that crams a bounty of bad-assedness into a single bottle.  Dark in taste, rich in feel, continuously flowing in aromas and tastes.  Talisker 10 is, per their website, the classic stalwart of the family.  It’s rather fitting to be sipping this dram in my home pub listening to the cheesy electric fire log while a heavy rain falls on the area.  More fitting would be Talisker Storm given the lightning show, but alas, I’ve not purchased a bottle.

Let’s just dive straight to the review, shall we?  After all, that’s why you’re here… maybe.

Nose: salty sea, smoke, waves crashing on rocks (minerals), white pepper, hidden tangerine

Palate: smoky honey, sweet peppery goodness, malt, sea brine, rich and somewhat thick

Finish: peat but not smoke, then an intriguing sweetness mixed with???, finally some of the smoke rolls back, iodine, allspice

I just described this particular bottle as ‘sensual’ to my wife, and of course she made me explain.  This is not a sweet scotch.  Sweet whisky is a dessert – something to cap off a rich and savory dinner of charred animal flesh prepared with simple and earthy ingredients to bring out the complexity of the fat and meat.  No, this is a whisky that is strong on approach.  This is a whisky that makes you question if you’ve made the right choice.  This is a whisky that comes on with a rolling force, and yet… yet, it lingers and continues to show its depth after your fourth sip.  Hangover be damned, you wantonly crave more.  This is a whisky you want to taste on someone else.  You’ll want to finish the bottle.

I may have had a dram or three while writing this, can you tell?  Have you had this bottle before?  If so, what are your thoughts — did you smell and taste the same or were you attuned to something different?  1, 2, 3 go!

Slainte mhath!


Bottoms up!

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